Tourism Resources
Hangzhou enjoys abundant natural and humanistic resources endowed by nature. The West Lake is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Besides, two State-level Scenic Areas, two National Nature Reserves, five National Forest Parks, one National Tourism Resort, the first National Wetland Park and fourteen important Heritage Sites under State Protection and five National Museums have formed the distinctive characteristics of Hangzhou tourism. The perfect combination of pleasant natural scenery and profound cultural deposits, coupled with mature tourism supporting services, which provides diversity of background planning resources and tour packages selections for MICE organizers.
Transportation Network
As the economic and tourist center of Yangtze River Delta, Hangzhou has the second largest international airport in East China, and high-speed rail which connected Hangzhou Train Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, as well as efficient and convenient high-speed network between Hang Qian, Hang Hui, Hang Hu, Hang Ning, Hang Yong, Hang Pu, Hang Jin ,Hang Qu... As for incity traffic construction, five traffic system including subway, bus, taxi, bus on water and public bicycle develop in perfect union which greatly expand the accessibility of tourism traffic in Hangzhou. Meanwhile, they provide a diversifying and convenient ecological traffic environment for incentive travel.
Modern Facilities
Hangzhou has perfect meeting infrastructure: more than 8000 hotels, among which 250 are star-level, and 14 of them are Five Star, second only to Beijing and Shanghai. With both large-scale hotel group and diverse small size hotel,whether it is a large-scale meeting or a confidential high-end small party, Hangzhou can satisfy your needs. Up to now, Hangzhou already has 6 professional exhibition venues, and a number of small and medium-sized exhibition venues. The complete facilities provided a powerful guarantee for MICE.
International City
Hangzhou has successfully held the World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention, World Buddhist Forum, International Tea Expo, World Finance Conference and a great number of other brands exhibitions. In recent years, focusing on the "International City" development strategy, Hangzhou MICE industry continues to outreach international communication and cooperation. In 2008, the West Lake Expo was first named as "International"; in 2009, World Tourism Organization, World Conference and Convention Association and other international authoritative organizations established strategic cooperative relations with Hangzhou to promote the development of MICE industry.
Business Culture
The private economy in Hangzhou is developed and mature. In addition to solid traditional industries, Hangzhou has higher quality business environment and earlier development of cultural and creative industries than most cities in China. In Hangzhou, China Academy of Art and other art institutions have laid an excellent foundation for the art industry, and the success of Alibaba Group and has led to the birth and growth of a large number of enterprises from information service industry. Furthermore, modern industries such as design, media, leisure cultural tourism, cultural MICE industry all have great advantages to develop in Hangzhou.
Government Support
Hangzhou Municipal Government attaches great importance to the development of MICE and consider it as a breakthrough to the upgrade of sightseeing tour and leisure travel in Hangzhou. Now they reinforce the construction of large-scale conference and exhibition facilities, actively advance and perfect the high-level, large scale and complete supporting facilities, exploit a number of international brand conference, promote the close cooperation of related functional departments, provide a series of insurance work including security, traffic, publicity, food hygiene, service quality monitoring as strong support. Both satisfy the MICE groups and let the organizers feel at ease.

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