Impressions of the West Lake
Impressions of the West Lake
“Impression•West Lake” springs from the fountain of the profound history and culture as well as the beautiful natural scenery of the lake. It goes deep into the old folk stories and legends of Hangzhou and manages to reappear her typical historical and cultural elements meanwhile reflects the natural essence of the West Lake in the rain and the rain of the West Lake by using hi-tech to create “rain of West Lake”. The whole performance takes place in the real background of mountains and water, showing to the world the connotation of Hangzhou and her scenery by condensing them into a high level art feast. The great global recognized music master, Mr. Kitaro is invited as the main composer whose ethereal and profound melody is a perfect complement to the charming lake. The guest performer Zhang Liangying who has a celestial voice interprets the theme song, which adds lustrous to the whole performance as well. The audience will enjoy both a high level art show in real scene and a world class concert.

The Romance of the Song Dynasty
The Romance of the Song Dynasty
“The Romance of the Song Dynasty” is a large scale 3D panorama musical drama wholeheartedly produced by Song Dynasty City as the only tourism performance awarded with National Five Top Project Prize. The drama adopts ancient stories and legends of Hangzhou, integrates world music with acrobatic art, and applies high technology to create a dreamy poetic imagery that offers a strong visual impression.

Night of West Lake
Night of West Lake
The Night of the West Lake is set in the history stories of the lake, combining together the elements of Chinese Kongfu, acrobatic art, folk music of south of the Yangtze River, Yue opera and dances of home and abroad ,which fully emerges the profound culture of Hangzhou as the Ancient Capital of the South Song Dynasty, as the City of Love, the City of Tea, the Home of Silk and the City of Buddhism in southeast of China, representing her IDs of “Oriental Leisure Capital” and “City of High Quality of life”.

Moulin Rouge
Moulin Rouge
Located on the third floor of Hangzhou Theater, Golden Beach Moulin Rouge has a brilliant setting and completely imported facilities with an area of 3000 square meters. The main performer of Moulin Rouge is the Song and Dance Company from Kiev, Ukraine, who mainly presents the sexiness and beauty of Moulin Rouge and Las Vegas as well as the glamour of the combination of China and the West, which is a luxury entertainment place for business parties and the upper class. Apart from the stunning stage skills, there is Ukrainian tap dancing and the cancan from time to time which create a lot of happiness and relaxation. 0571-85164066

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