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Apart from the splendid city sceneries and its rich culture, the reason why Hangzhou can be the destination for holding numerous international meetings and conventions is that the professional support from a great deal of event planning teams and service teams, who make efforts on the success of every meeting or exhibition.

Hangzhou MICE Association, the first association in MICE industry, has brought together lots of MICE service providers to make a great service team. From the event planning till opening, all the service members devote themselves to a better solution so as to meet the demand from different meeting sponsors.

The professional service must be the strong support to get MICE tours satisfied and MICE organizers carefree.

Hangzhou MICE Association

Hangzhou Tourism Promotion Sector from Hangzhou Tourism Committee took the lead to set up Hangzhou MICE Association and brought together lots of MICE service providers all over Hangzhou, including hotels, meeting sites, travel agencies, expert MICE planning enterprises, airlines, vehicle companies, primary scenic areas, catering enterprises and some other institutions with prominent MICE resources. So far, there are more than 100 members in Hangzhou MICE Association.

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