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Welcoming Cocktail Party


BBQ Buffet on the south lawn of the hotel that is available for 200 guests. It is in the Lovers’ Bay in south of the hotel clustered with buildings of European architecture style, covered by green grass, floating elegant tune of Saxophones in the exotic air.



Take a walk in the Tropical Jungle Garden. Practice Yoga with the teacher and relax.


Have breakfast in Thai Pavilion which is a Southeast-Asian-style Thai canteen, offering various kinds of food that lighten your day.


Attend conference at the astylar Hall of Song Dynasty City which is available for 400 desks arranged in the same way as in schools. Thai tea is served during the break.


Enjoy lunch in Thai Pavilion spotted with rare sub tropical plants. Different kinds of Chinese and western foods are customized for guests by professional service teams.


Discuss in groups. 18 meeting rooms in various sizes are waiting for being chosen.


Dine in the Chinese cafeteria serving all kinds of Chinese Cuisines with 30 boxes in different styles and a dinning hall which can accommodate 500 guests offering everything required by all kinds of banquets.



Hike to Xiaoran Hill. Take a walk or ride bikes offered by the hotel around the Xiang Lake and enjoy a leisure morning.


Breakfast: Thai Pavilion.


Meeting: There are 18 meeting rooms in various sizes.


Lunch: Thai Pavilion.


Team Building: The Wet Land, Tourist Boats on the West Lake. Night Activity: Watching The Romance of the Song Dynasty in Song Dynasty City.



Breakfast: Thai Pavilion Individual activities.

Places of Interests tips: Hangzhou Amusement Park, Polar Ocean Park, Xiang Lake. It just takes 18 minutes driving to Xiaoshan International Airport and the West Lake.



Situated by Xiang Lake with an area of 80 000 square meters, The First World Hotel is the first five star hotel of Song Dynasty City Group themed on tropical jungle vacation. The hotel is in a perfect location which is near the Huhangyong High way as well as the Hangxinjing High way, close to the Jinliwen High way; It just takes 18 minutes driving to Xiaoshan International Airport, the West Lake and Hangzhou Railway Station, and 2 hours to Shanghai and Ningbo. What’s more, it is surrounded by lots of supported service like Xiang Lake (a National 4A scenery spot), Hangzhou Amusement Park, Polar Ocean Park, and Hangzhou Outlet Direct Sale Plaza.

 Guest Rooms

The hotel consists of almost 600 all kinds of guest rooms (set) with fashionable and modern looks. The elements of the Southeast Asia style seeps into every detail of the rooms: the wall paper, the sofas, the sculptures, the flowers, plants, the reminder cards, beds…casting a glamour over the splendid spaciousness. Executive Suites are built with an individual duplex rest space and a balcony. The wooden furniture of European classical style is thick and steady, luxury but restrained. 

The space drifts and spreads on some kind of rhythm with the design of an open bathroom. With all above, the hotel offers a unique, clean and peaceful place.


The First World Hotel is a perfect place for all kinds of important conferences and special meetings with three large meeting rooms which is available for over 1000 people. Apart from these large meeting rooms, there is also a 60 000-square-meter Leisure Expo Park Exhibition Center with multi-functional buildings reasonablely and advancedly designed. In the 10000ish- square-meter tropical jungle atrium, the vigor and fancy of this romance place decorated with thick-branched tropical trees over luxuriant undergrowth, Thai or Bormanese pavilions beside pools and falls as well as the flourish flowers, would obviously benefit the conferences or banquets. Zhejiang business fraternities as well as lots of wedding parties and cocktail parties have been hold in the hotel. 

Over and above, the 21 meeting rooms in different sizes with space for 30 to 3500 people, are designed in styles of a classroom, a theater or in shapes of hallow squares, circle, you name it, they have it, each of which is or will be equipped with computers, projectors, and other equipments in need besides perfect lights and sound. The hotel also offers service, suggestions and designs according to different requirements of the events. Parking problem is not going to happen because of 3000 parking stalls. Different types of car exhibitions and try-out driving events can be held on some large parking lots too. 

The hotel has trained professional service teams for holding international or national conferences. The service manager will plan the meeting agenda and the itinerary for attendees, and engage in the whole procedure providing professional advice. In recent years, the hotel has successfully organized numerous events such as China International Comics Festival, Online Trading Fair, National Pharmacy Expo, The 9th Netrepreneur Summit, APEC Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Summit, Brilliant 30 years& China Development of Broadcasting and TV Media Forum, International Forum on Advanced education, China Leisure Development International Forum and other big events. It has been awarded with five international prizes because of its good facilities and service: Starlight Award of China Top Ten Convention & Exhibition Hotels, Golden Dolphin Award of China Top Ten Convention Hotels, The Leading Convention Hotels of China, China Top Ten Convention Travel Hotels, Most Popular Business Hotels of Zhejiang, the first honorary hotel of China Top Ten Conference Hotel and so on.

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