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Cambridge Lobby Lounge cocktail party. Enjoy the sunset and moon rise as well as the night scenery of Qiantang River. Taste special drinks and snacks.


VIP Dinner at Sun-Moon Chinese Cafeteria serving Chinese dishes like Canton Cuisine, Yangzhou Cuisine and local cuisine.



Conference. The spacious meeting hall is 2000ish square meters without any columns— Hangzhou Hall can be divided into 7 parts each of which can be used a harmonious place for discussion.


Coffee break. Signature desserts are made by the Executive Chef of the Bakery and his team who won the champion of World Chocolate Competition of China. Macarons, Chocolate mousse, Litchi and Raspberry cup desserts are served with Chinese tea or newly made coffee.


Buffet lunch at Element Cafeteria. Tasty food such as seafood, fresh sashimi and dishes with blending flavors of different countries are cooked with best fresh materials in an open kitchen where the whole cooking process can be observed as a cooking show.


News press. The great studio for 200 people with a big screen is equipped with professional audio and video facilities.


Discuss in groups. There are 20 meeting rooms each of which is fully equipped and some of which can be used as independent meeting rooms or rest areas.


Enjoy the theme dinner in Hangzhou Hall. The hall, with a height of 6.3 meters, shines with the rays of the crystal droplights. The melody from the bamboo instruments of the south area of China creates a thick glamorous atmosphere similar to the West Lake.


Leisure hours. The Germany Beer Bar in the basement serves Germany local food and Freistaat Bayern beer. With the music of the live bands floating in the air, the bar is an extraordinary place for a few hours’ relaxation.。



Conference. International Hall is large one that can hold 1000ish people.


Exploration of Hangzhou. The protocol chairmen and his team are pleasant to share some local knowledge which will contribute to the trip with new things and funny experiences. The romance experience of having a boat picnic on a sunny day in an early summer on the West Lake, or picking up tea leaves in the right time and enjoying the tea ceremony, will absolutely embedded in memory for ever.





Located in the centre business area in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Intercontinental Hotels& Resorts is in the Civic Center and very close to Waves Intelligence City and Hangzhou Grand Theater, 25 km to Xiaoshan International Airport, 180 km to Shanghai. Its smart design and amazing architecture put itself on the map of new resorts of Hangzhou.

Guest Rooms

The hotel has 393 well-equipped guest rooms including a presidential suit, a CEO suit and 28 executive rooms. Spacious bedrooms and brilliant living rooms are constructed to club rooms and luxury rooms which are brightened by floor-to-ceiling viewing windows enclosing a beautiful picture of the city and Qiantang River. The considerate mini bar counters, digital TV and networks please everyone.


There are 7 cafeterias of totally different styles. Sun-Moon Chinese Cafeteria serves authentic Chines dishes like Canton Cuisine, Yangzhou Cuisine and local cuisine with bars serving precious wines. Element Cafeteria is a good buffet place in its open kitchen. As for those food loves, the special canteens of the hotel with Mediterranean blending flavor and wines from top wineries should not be missed. Cambridge Lobby Lounge is especially recommended to live bands lovers where they can have a good distant view of the city while listen to the skillful pianists. The Germany Beer Bar serving Germany local food and beer may be a sweetheart. Noodles Workshop can’t be ignored either with its noodles coming from all places around the world.

Meeting Space 

The brilliant meeting halls of the hotel are well equipped with advanced facilities. The spacious astylar meeting hall is 2000ish square meters without any columns— Hangzhou Hall can be divided into 7 parts each of which can be used a harmonious place for discussion. Besides, there is a conference hall which can hold 942 people, an audio visual room which can hold 211 and a news press hall which can hold 106 as well as 20 smaller ones. Each meeting room is fully equipped and some of them can be used as independent meeting rooms or rest areas.

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