China's outbound trips hit 100 million mark in three quarters

Update: 2016-11-22

Chinese travelers have made 101.5 million outbound trips by the end of September in 2016, according to a Forbes report. The outbound trips number marks the first time within the first three quarters of a year more than 100 million outbound trips from China were recorded.  

Xinhua New Agency reported that the number of cross-border tourists traveling in and out of the country rose 13.5% to a total of 194 million during the time. 


According to the latest statistics from COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute, 51.7 million of these went beyond Greater China (Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan), whereas 49.8 million — less than half of the total number of 101.5 million — stayed within Greater China. 

South Korea once again returned to form with impressive arrival numbers in the third quarter of 2018: More than 2.5 million arrivals resulted equated to a YoY growth rate of 85%, while Japan’s 16% growth and 1.9 million arrivals in the same period was still nevertheless short of the three-digit growth rates seen in 2015.

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