Hangzhou’s Show Time

Update: 2019-02-21


On the afternoon of February 14, a press conference was held at Hangzhou Xinqiao Hotel to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Hollywood Universal Studio and Hangzhou Tourist Guide, hosted by Hangzhou Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau. CAI Jie and YUE Jingwen, Yueju Opera players of national levels, and HONG Liping, inheritor of intangible cultural heritage of Zhejiang province were also present at the conference, with their experience sharing on performances in the U.S. on behalf of Hangzhou. Performances were made respectively--- the classical segment of Yueju Opera of LIANG Shanbo and ZHU Yingtai, and the handicraft of tiny flower basket made of bamboo. As well, a campaign, available to foreign friends and children for cover designing, has been launched at the conference by Hangzhou Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau for the 15th anniversary of Hangzhou Tourism Guide.



It’s the seventh year of Hangzhou's new media overseas marketing. From February 9 to 10, local time in the United States, Hangzhou Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau created a grand cultural tour "Hangzhou’s Show Time" in Hollywood Universal Studio, Los Angeles, which was the first time that Chinese cities landed in the United States Universal Studio City. Hangzhou implants the elements of West Lake, Canal and Liangzhu Ancient City which are applying for the World Heritage Site into Hollywood. With the theme of "water", Hangzhou represents the five thousand years of Chinese civilization shining points, making-up with the most Chinese characteristics of the Spring Festival celebration elements and Hangzhou classic love story - Legend of the White Snake, in Hollywood, the core of the central square presents the most unique Hangzhou flavor!



In accordance with the traditional customs of the Spring Festival, this event presented red packets and the characters of "Fu" in the park. Many visitors received red packets were surprised, and foreign tourists wrote the word "luck" with great interest.


The event also gived more vitality to the scene through interactive technology such as electronic activity guide, AR shooting and Facebook live broadcasting, which truly maked the cultural heritage fun and provided the most unique "blooming experience" of Hangzhou.


Through the Quick Response code on the sign at the entrance of the park, tourists got the activity guide map of "Hangzhou’s Show Time". The simultaneous AR shootings for the Liangzhu, the West Lake and the Canal, had attracted many tourists to "visit Hangzhou" in the virtual world.


In the West Lake scene of the main street of the park, Xu Xian and Bai Niangzi, who reality played the Meeting on the Broken Bridge which is part of White Snake Legend by real people, and took interactive photos with tourists.



Hangzhou Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau published posts through three major social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and launched live broadcasting on Facebook, showing the grand event of "Hangzhou’s Show Time" to the global fans simultaneously.

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