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Update: 2018-08-28


From June to August 2018, two terms of “Hangzhou Workmanship Apprentice” were organized by the Hangzhou Tourism Commission and attracted 20 apprentices from 10 countries including the United States, Russia, Germany, Turkey and Serbia. While learning traditional Chinese skills such as fan making, Chinese massage, silk embroidery and seal engraving, they were also offered a chance to experience the “black technology”, modern factory and local life. The activity has received widespread attention from all walks of life and the media.

As a continuation to the activity for larger influence, the Hangzhou Tourism Promotion Center initiated a selection campaign of “Hangzhou Workmanship Apprentice—Top 10 Visiting Places Favored by Foreign Friends” via online voting, questionnaire and expert scoring. 



In 1875, Wang Xingzhai founded the Wangxingji Fan Workshop in Shanzi Alley of Hangzhou. "Wangxingji Fan" is the most famous traditional brand in China, titled as the “Tribute Fan”, or given to foreign guests by national leaders as a national gift and entailed as the “Oriental Treasure” by foreign merchants. 

Xiling Society of Seal Arts


Founded in the 30th year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty (1904), it is the oldest, highest-achieving, and most influential academic community researching cutting on golden stone at home and abroad, and has a reputation of “the Best in the World”. 



As the first private museum about silk culture in Zhejiang Province, Wensli Silk Culture Museum houses thousands of contemporary and modern cultural relics such as dressings with embroidery from the royal court of Qing Dynasty, folk dressings with embroidery from Ming and Qing Dynasties, and fittings and accessories for characteristic dressings with embroidery as well as modern embroidery products of high quality.

Guang Xing Tang Traditional Chinese Medicine


Located in a 200-year-old building named Liang’s Mansion of Qing Dynasty, Guang Xing Tang Traditional Chinese Medicine is an integration of medical treatment, visit, exhibition and experience, and a representative of traditional Chinese hospitals. 

Workmanship Demonstration Pavilion


The Workmanship Demonstration Pavilion bases itself on new concepts and “intangibleness” and exists as the first assembly of interactive teaching, intangible experience, workmanship, and folk shows. More than 30 masters of different skills, including national, provincial and municipal craft masters and intangible inheritors provide visitors with over 20 experience projects.

Southern Song Dynasty Official Kiln Art Museum


Ye Guozhen Southern Song Dynasty Official Kiln Art Museum is the first folk art museum in Hangzhou that specializes in exhibiting the Southern Song Dynasty Official Kiln celadon culture and art. It is the Intangible Cultural Heritage Productive Protection and Publicity Display Base of “Southern Song Dynasty Official Kiln Porcelain Making Skills” in Zhejiang Province.

Zhongce Vocational School


Identified by the Ministry of Education as a “National Model School for the Reform and Development of Secondary Vocational Education” and listed in “the First Batch of National Key Vocational Schools”, Hangzhou Zhongce Vocational School has made outstanding and active contribution to the economic development of the City, and earned the reputation as the “leader” of vocational education.

Gudang Farmers’ Market


Gudang Farmers’ Market initiated the business model of market-oriented operation and supermarket management, centered on the principles of food science, safety, and health, and built the “Shopping, Leisure and Tourism” platform where residents obtain foods they need every day, featured by food safety, environmental cleanliness, measurement integrity, standardized services, superb management, refreshing view and unique style.

Zhuertan Community


Zhuertan Community provides an Airbnb-like tourism service that is guided by ordinary people. Foreign tourists can not only explore the rich historical and cultural attractions surrounding the area, but also experience the sights of the World Heritage Canal, and the daily local life in Hangzhou and its culture in a more direct manner.

Dream Town


With the development opportunity of “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, the Dream Town plans to rely on the talent and industrial advantages of the Future Sci-tech City and build itself into a new template for Maker Space, a new growth pole of information economy, a new style of featured town, an upgraded version of garden city, and a highland of Internet entrepreneurship of world class with a centered but boundless spatial layout.

Hangzhou Jiuyang Ounanduo Small Appliances Co., Ltd.


Hangzhou Jiuyang Ounanduo Small Appliances Co., Ltd. at No.760, Yinhai Street, Hangzhou Economic Development Area is creative and sightseeing as its design contains greenness, heath and energy conservation, integrating office, production and life. Rooted in health and innovation, the Company intends to provide consumers with better and more convenient solutions for kitchen life, healthy and technological kitchen of Chinese style, and to embody the workmanship spirits and social responsibility of Chinese national brand. 

Folk Music Hall of Daguan Primary School 


Being centurial old, Daguan Primary School houses a Chinese Folk Music Hall consisting of three parts, the Hall of Prologue, the Hall of Static Exhibition, and the Hall of Digital Experience, armed with modern equipment and technologies for exhibition and introduction of music instruments. The Hall grants visitors an opportunity to learn more about music instruments and related knowledge intuitively, and students a platform to show themselves. 

From August 28 to September 2, 2018, the voting (10 votes per person at most) is open to foreign friends who have their favorite visiting places after learning about them.

Voting Approach: Follow the official WeChat account of “Hangzhou Social Resources International Tourism Visiting Places” and click “Workmanship Apprentice”-“Vote” to complete related information via the voting link. Or read to the end of the article where a link “Read the Original” is set up for direct voting.

On September 5, the “International Day” of Hangzhou, “Hangzhou Workmanship Apprentice—Top 10 Visiting Places Favored by Foreign Friends” will be officially released and “An Invitation Letter from Hangzhou” will be delivered to every city of the world.

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