Why Hangzhou? Let's see how these western travel bloggers are amazed!

Update: 2018-06-27



The press conference for showing gratitude to the big fans of Hangzhou from all over the world was held by the Hangzhou Tourism Committee today. Why are foreigners so obsessed with this beautiful city? It is interesting to explore how some wonderful little things that we take for granted amaze the famous bloggers from other countries.

2018 is the 5th anniversary of the development of Hangzhou tourism foreign promotion. The Hangzhou Tourism Committee has organized several events in foreign cities for expressing gratitude towards the fans of Hangzhou. A flock of "MVP fans" was also invited to the origin of Hangzhou culture, feeling the real Hangzhou cultural customs and lifestyle in person.


So-called "MVP fans" refers to those who love Hangzhou and have great influences in the media, driving a boosting effect for the sales promotions of Hangzhou representative brands. Ten “MVP fans” of Hangzhou invited possess tremendous number of followers on their social networking sites. From the angles of different cultural background, they depict Hangzhou which becomes international, greatly contributing to the popularity of Hangzhou.

image007.jpg Watching the “Enduring Memories of Hangzhou” PERFORMANCE


Learning how to make rice dumplings in Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake

image011.jpg Learning Yue Opera in Huanglong Cave.


Experiencing the practice of tea-mediation (Chinese: Chancha) in the Yongfu Sanctuary.

image015.jpg Learning silk weaving in China Silk Museum

image017.jpgPainting umbrella in Hangzhou Canal Craft and Living Museum

To embrace the international visitors with Hangzhou’s unique charm which mixes historical and modern essences, the Hangzhou Tourism Committee has arranged plenty of cultural explorations.

Wandering by West Lake, riding, doing Taichi, and hiking to the Leifeng Pagoda are the most popular activities in Hangzhou, but travelling the Grand Canal, enjoying feasts on cruise ships, and visiting craft and living museums are the highlights for travelers.

To taste the culture, never miss out on learning the Yue Opera in Huanglong Cave, trying tea-mediation (Chinese: Chancha) in the Yongfu Sanctuary, weaving in China Silk Museum, and dressing up with silk scarves of Wensli.

About the food, you will never be disappointed by the Chinese food in the Jinsha Hall of Four Seasons Hotel which ranks 4 stars on Forbes, the tea break in Sofitel Hotel, and the fresh Chinese medicated cuisine in Huqingyu Hall.




Bryan Daugherty, who is professional in shooting landscape, is a photographer from California, the U.S. He has been travelling around the world to collect different landscapes. With his amazing talent, he succeeds in becoming famous on Instagram, followed by more than 300,000 active users. Meanwhile, the website Bryan operating surprises many people by exhibiting and selling works with great qualities.

“The journey makes me feel the ancient Eastern nature in Hangzhou. I know more about Hangzhou culture even the Chinese culture from the delicate food and the amazing performances.”



Anita Rohonczi is from Budapest, Hungary. Growing up in a place where nurtures Eastern European art, this fashion blogger sees everything with unique aesthetics. She used to work with plenty of international big brands and has stepped on different continents and many international cities. Her feeds always attract huge amount of thumbs up and comments.

“I am really glad to come to Hangzhou for excursion and experience. The schedule is busy but great. Everything from the view of West Lake to the delicate Hangzhou desserts sparkles.”



Sam Cahill is from Seattle, the U.S. He loves and aims to experience abundant cultures and adventure when traveling. Certainly his photographic works mainly feature natural landscapes with innovative and adventurous angles. He is also capable of producing films and multi-media synchronization. 

“I have taken pictures of different people and landscapes throughout the trip for my blog showcasing Hangzhou.”



Sabina Trojanova comes from the Czech Republic. When she studies in China she always wanted to come here. Sabina advocates Green travel and has a healthy image and positive natures.

"It is my second time to visit China, but the first time for the beautiful Hangzhou. I am totally amazed by the spectacular landscape here. I tried crafting and making my own gift with Hangzhou cultural style. Hope that more foreigners will come.”



Jeremy Cohen lives in New York and graduated from the School of Visual Arts. He is an expert of catching different urban corners with camera, magnifying everything from skyscrapers to various flocks.

“It is my first time to be here in China. In these few days, I sailed on West Lake, tasted Hangzhou food, listened to the Yue Opera, watched theme performances… These are something I have never tried before. Many followers on Instagram asked my location after seeing my feeds.”



Stella Simona is a well-known jewelry designer in Los Angeles. The success in her two brands and the great amount of followers on the promotion websites prove her professional aesthetics.

“We enjoyed a lot in Hangzhou. This city is beautiful and quite, combining ancient civilization and modernism. What is more surprised is the kind locals. Thank you, Hangzhou.”



Alexandra Asnaghi, who comes from the romantic Italy, has started to write for about ten years. She is an experienced travel blogger with fluency and mature Italian female perspective. What she writes in her blog covers landscapes, food, and culture customs.

“Hangzhou owns its unique history, customs, and cultural heritages. After the trip, I am pleasant to write about the city, introducing it to more people.”



Travis Kauffman is from Montana, the U.S. He is a big fan of wilderness exploration and the beauty of nature. He used to go to Canada, Iceland, British Bali, Philippine, etc.

“For me, Hangzhou is a whole new experience. Every corner has its own story. Now I know that why Hangzhou becomes such popular on the Internet. I hope that I will come again.”



Mason Prendergast comes from Seattle, specializing at filming and shooting people and landscapes. His works are great in quality. Even though he is new to social networking sites, the wonderful contents on his website attract people very much.

“I love the color and the atmosphere in this city, also the green alleys, the beautiful parks and the lake. Hangzhou is an energetic place. Every morning at 6, you can see many people work out. At night, it is still hilarious.”



Sofia Caputo is a journalist from Influencer New. She is a part in the big KOL social circle. Her identity makes the column she writes very popular among foreign bloggers. Sofia is Mason’s girlfriend. She said that she is going to recommend Hangzhou on the website of Influencer News as”a place for every KOL”.

“Now I am so excited to go back to my home town and tell my friends everything I see. They should come here for visit. In fact , I don’t really want to leave here. Hangzhou people are so friendly.”

Does Hangzhou in their eyes make you proud? 


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