Hangzhou Conference Ambassador Mr. Xu Xiaozhou Promotes Hangzhou

Update: 2018-04-28


Recently, Hangzhou Conference Ambassador Mr. Xu Xiaozhou was invited to the United Nations, Fordham University, Pace University, Chinese American Association and other institutions. He took part in a series of academic exchange activities and discussed with relevant organizations about cultural exchanges and cooperation on projects such as child-family-school-community project.

As an elite in the field of education, Mr. Xu has been entitled as "Hangzhou Conference Ambassador" since 2016 and has involved in actively and made great contributions to promoting Hangzhou as an important destination city for international conferences. In 2017, Ambassador Xu introduced the International Symposium on the Construction of the Entrepreneurship Education Ecosystem into Hangzhou and served as chairman of the conference. Representatives from the United States, South Korea, Germany, South Africa, Croatia, and Philippines participated in the conference. With considerable international influence in the education sector, the conference greatly enhanced Hangzhou’s status as an international city and efficiently promoted the concept of beautiful Hangzhou world-widely. In 2018, Ambassador Xu again introduced the 2018 International Symposium on the Quality Construction of Entrepreneurship Education into Hangzhou. This undergoing conference will further help Hangzhou’s internationalization and lay a solid foundation for the making of Hangzhou as a more mature international conference destination.

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On April 20 this year, Mr. Xu was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the ninth "Chinese Language Day", a celebration organized by the United Nations and he cut the ribbon for the event. The three UN Secretary-General and China’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations were also in attendance. The "Chinese Language Day" is a festival established by the United Nations in 2010 to promote cultural diversity and equality between United Nations’ working languages. It is scheduled on Grain Rain, one of the 24 solar terms in China. 

Mr. Xu has made great achievements in education and also received international recognition. During his visit to the United States, Mr. Xu expressed his views on the prospects and challenges of China’s higher education at the Chinese Education & United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Forum and introduced the current status of China’s higher education. He also depicted the grand future of China’s education. At the same time, during his visit to Fordham University, Ambassador Xu also reached intent cooperation with Fordham University to conduct comparative research between China and the United States in areas such as children’s cognitive research and kindergarten curriculum development. 

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As the conference ambassador of Hangzhou, Mr. Xu shoulders heavy responsibilities to promote Hangzhou and bring high-end and large-scale international conference projects to Hangzhou. In conferences, he promoted Hangzhou actively and gave English books such as Hangzhou at a Glance & Hangzhou Stories to representatives as gifts, which made them desire to come to Hangzhou. He said, “Hangzhou is a world famous city with beautiful landscapes and a profound cultural background. It has unique natural and human resources, very convenient transportation network, comprehensive MICE facilities, international & professional services and a strong academic ambience. All these are the reasons why Hangzhou is an ideal place for international academic meetings. Meanwhile, this year, the Hangzhou Tourism Commission has launched a campaign of "Hangzhou Summit 2018", offering special discounts to MICE service providers, undoubtedly, Hangzhou is the best choice for MICE destinations.”

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