Hangzhou Speeds Up Its International Conference Destination Construction

Update: 2017-12-06

On Nov. 28, Hangzhou Tourism Commission held the 7th-Batch Hangzhou Conference Ambassador Appointment Ceremony and the 1st-Batch Hangzhou Standard-Reaching Conference Service Institution Certification Ceremony. At the ceremony, six industry leaders, including Yang Huayong, were appointed as the 7th-batch Hangzhou Conference Ambassadors. At the same time, at the appointment ceremony, the 1st-batch Hangzhou Standard-Reaching Conference Service Institutions received the certification, the bidding clues for future international conferences in Hangzhou were released. 




The 7th-Batch Hangzhou Conference Ambassador Appointment Ceremony     

In 2001, Hangzhou Tourism Commission started the “Hangzhou Conference Ambassador” Program to discover leaders in Hangzhou’s key industries and appoint them as “Hangzhou Conference Ambassadors” in the name of Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government. By 2017, Hangzhou has appointed 48 conference ambassadors in 7 batches, covering healthcare, education, art and other fields. In recent years, Hangzhou has deepened the Conference Ambassador Program, successfully introduced more than 40 international professional conferences and nearly 1,000 national conferences.

The introduction of those international conferences not only has brought considerable economic benefits to Hangzhou, but also has brought advanced industrial technology and achievement exchanges to Hangzhou, promoted the development of relevant industries in Hangzhou through the conferences’ influence in respective industries.





The 1st-Batch Hangzhou Standard-Reaching Conference Management and Service Institution Certification Ceremony    

To further enhance the overall service level of the Hangzhou conference services, guide the conference service industry’s branding, internationalization, standardization, help Hangzhou become a City of Exhibitions and Events, this year Hangzhou Tourism Commission’s Hangzhou Tourism Image Promotion Center (Hangzhou Business Convention and Exhibition Tourism Promotion Center) and Hangzhou M.I.C.E. Association jointly drafted Hangzhou’s local standards “Hangzhou Conference Service Institution Management and Service Standards”, which was formally issued by Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.

After the issuance of the “Standards”, publicity and implementation were started immediately. Implementation methods were formulated. It was decided Hangzhou M.I.C.E. Association would organize an assessment committee formed by conference industry management departments, standard management departments, industry associations, scholars and experts to conduct conformity assessment on standard-reaching enterprises.


After a thorough examination and evaluation, through the expert group’s assessment, Zhejiang China Youth International Travel Service Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Convention and Exhibition Tourism Co., Ltd., Hangzhou West Lake Expo Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Xinqiao M.I.C.E. Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Yuancheng Conference Service Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Zhejiang University Tongli Convention and Exhibition Management Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Pan Asia Convention & Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Asan Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Guohao Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Baolun Conference Service Co., Ltd. became the 1st-batch Hangzhou Conference Management and Service Institutions. 


The Release of International Conference Bidding Clues      

The number of international conferences reflects a city’s degree of internationalization to a certain extent. According to the trends in the development of international conferences, more and more international conferences need to be introduced in the form of professional bidding. In June of this year, Hangzhou Tourism Commission, Hangzhou Conference Ambassadors, Hangzhou’s main conference centers, airlines, hotels, conference companies and travel agencies together set up an ad hoc organization, Hangzhou International Conference Bidding Service Center. 

Since the Bidding Center was established, Hangzhou Tourism Commission has actively played its role. Through the ICCA database, according to the industry, year of bidding, organization history and other relevant conditions, Hangzhou Tourism Commission conducted a series of elaborate work such as screening, data collection and rating, sorted out the first 200 future conference bidding clues. At this event, Hangzhou Tourism Commission’s Director Zhang Hongbin released the conference bidding clues. 


In the next step, we will classify and analyze the bidding clues, determine the plan of bidding initiated by Hangzhou Conference Ambassadors, the Bidding Center’s members and industrial enterprises, to expand the total number of international conferences.

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