Meeting Poetry in Hangzhou” Hangzhou MICE Promotion Has Come Online

Update: 2017-11-22

“Meeting Poetry in Hangzhou: New Opportunities for Global Conference Developers” held in September this year helped promote the international popularity of Hangzhou around the world and develop a batch of MICE products with local characteristics and international quality.

To make these products competitive and conduct better integrated marketing, Hangzhou launched “Meeting Poetry in Hangzhou”, an online marketing promotion activity, in early November this year, aiming to gather local MICE enterprises to jointly enrich the brand connotation of “summit Hangzhou”, attract more travelling merchants, enterprise buyers and conference organizers here, and thus make it an ideal place for global trade activities. The activity presents characteristic MICE resources of Hangzhou to specific targets by virtue of the official website of MICE as a professional portal with large website traffic.

The activity has come online and will last to 20th November. InterContinental Hotel, Sheraton Grand Hangzhou Binjiang Hotel, Midtown Shangri-La, Narada Resorts & Spa, ZTG Lakeview Hotel and some other hotels provide different accommodation discounts. China Travel Service Zhejiang Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jiedeng Travel Service Co., Ltd. and some other travel agencies launch quality MICE routes. Besides, Ao Fan Yachting is among one of the first batch of enterprises providing special offers. There will be more and more preferential hotels and products.

Unlike preferential activities prior to this activity, Hangzhou MICE will rely on the official website of Hangzhou MICE and launch mobile scanning reservation function for the first time to truly establish self-built platform, realize integrated marketing and provide a channel for local MICE enterprises to show their strength and promote their products for free. “Meeting Poetry in Hangzhou” not only perfectly describes travelling merchants’ unique conference and travelling experiences in Hangzhou but makes a best interpretation to the charm of Hangzhou MICE.

Please click the slider on the homepage or the link below to enter activity page. Select the product you want to reserve and scan the QR code to enter payment page (mobile client). Leave your name and mobile number after confirming your order. Confirmation message will be sent to your mobile. You can enjoy relevant discount by showing this message to shop assistant.

Click and join!

“Meeting Poetry in Hangzhou” Hangzhou MICE promotion is looking forward to your coming!

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