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Update: 2017-11-16

As the leading professional expo of business MICE in China, the 12th Beijing Incentives, Business Travel and Meetings Expo China 2017 (CIBTM) was held from Aug. 23 to Aug. 24 in the China National Convention Center. Hangzhou Municipal Tourism Committee, together with ten excellent MICE enterprises including Hangzhou JW Marriott Hotel, Zhejiang Narada Grand Hotel, Hangzhou Millennium Hotels and Resorts, Hangzhou Marriott Hotel Qianjiang, Hanghzou White Horse Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center, Hangzhou Yuancheng Meeting & Service Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Convention and Travel Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Golden Bridge Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd., Hangzhou New China Tour Service Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Deli Business Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd. attended the CIBTM Expo.    



The “Post-summit & Pre-Asian Games” golden period helps Hangzhou exhibition area gain the spotlight, and domestic and overseas buyers continuously consult for the latest information of Hangzhou MICE. During the Expo, more than 500 one-to-one talks between ten MICE enterprises from Hangzhou and buyers were completed, and over 40 buyers achieved cooperation intention. 



 Furthermore, Zhejiang Yohome Hotel Management Co., Ltd. together with its affiliated hotels including Hangzhou West Lake State Guesthouse, Zhejiang Xizi Hotel and West Lake · Liuyingli Hotel, attended the Expo for the first time and made the journey very fruitful.


Hand in Hand and Heart with Heart, Depicting the New Vision of Hangzhou MICE Together



The Hangzhou exhibition platform was designed as two concentric circles, which also integrated the brand LOGO of “Summit in Hangzhou” to convey brand connotation. Moreover, concentric circle symbolizes being of one heart and one mind, which implies MICE professionals in Hangzhou and those at home and abroad will work together to promote vigorous development of the MICE industry.   




In the latter half of this year, “Meeting in the Scenery – New Opportunities for Hangzhou Global Conference Initiator” global event marketing activities will be carried out, For its first warm-up, Hangzhou Municipal Tourism Committee launched interactive color-filling activity named “painting in the scenery” at expo site, where exhibitors, buyers and audience painted the most beautiful Hangzhou in their minds together, and respectively completed paintings of Hangzhou’s three representative sceneries including “Three Pools Mirroring the Moon”, “Leifeng Pagoda” and “Hangzhou CBD”. Many audiences at site shared the pictures of the activity at social network, especially through LinkedIn accounts. Parts of the paintings would be kept for souvenir, while rest of them would be presented to numerous net friends interested in Hangzhou MICE.         



It has been nearly half a year since Hangzhou MICE opened an official account (Business Events Hangzhou) on the overseas well-known social network platform LinkedIn, which is followed by more than 1,000 MICE professionals. Together with official media platforms such as Weibo, WeChat subscriptions, FACEBOOK, etc., it forms a propagation matrix, provides a diversified platform to obtain Hangzhou MICE information for global conference organizers, and also becomes the base for professionals interested in Hangzhou MICE to share and exchange their ideas. 




Newly-launched Brand, a New Round Overseas Promotion Ready to Run

In addition to participating in convention and exhibition activities at home and abroad, in the latter half of 2017, series of MICE brand promotions including “Meeting in the Scenery – New Opportunities for Hangzhou Global Conference Initiator” and “Featured Selection of Hangzhou MICE”, etc. will be launched, among which the “Meeting in the Scenery” activity, with the help and support of giant member base of global professional conference organizers (PCO) of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), works in close cooperation with ICCA, and invites PCO in the world’s top 20 MICE cities to experience the featured resources of local MICE in Hangzhou. In addition to experience tour in Hangzhou, it is the first time to set the second site overseas that realizes live connection with Paris, which aims at enhancing the strength and influence of Hangzhou as a brand of destination for international conference.        

Fast-growing Hangzhou Becomes a New Destination for International Conference





Hangzhou MICE, after the launch of new brand “Summit in Hangzhou” last year, with rapid development, has attracted global attention and established Hangzhou as destination city for international MICE. Taking “New Opportunities for Hangzhou Global Conference Initiator” activity as the opportunity, “Discover More” will be the theme of next promotion for Hangzhou MICE, which enables everyone that comes here to discover the novel and unique beauty of Hangzhou. 




 In recent years, with the influence of Hangzhou MICE industry substantially promoted, through hosting 3 Conference and Incentive Travel Trade Industry Fairs, Hangzhou, China and the building of quality platform for displaying MICE resources and promotion of conference destination brand, Hangzhou brings in 918 conferences and achieves conference consumption of RMB 547 million Yuan; over 220 batches of MICE enterprises were organized to attend professional MICE expo for 28 times, so as to build wider marketing platform for enterprises; over 700 professional conference purchasers in more than 20 batches were invited for site visits in Hangzhou while experiencing abundant local MICE resources.     

 The 12th Beijing Incentives, Business Travel and Meetings Expo China 2017 has successfully concluded, yet the development of Hangzhou MICE continues to shine! The “Post-summit & Pre-Asian Games” period brings new opportunities for Hangzhou MICE, which has accumulated a wealth of experience after its brand was launched, and will broaden wider global vision to explore new values of MICE products and improve new contents of services, so as to redisplay the charm of Hangzhou to the world, discover the value of the industry and create infinite possibilities.


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