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Hangzhou would be your first choice as an ideal MICE destination in China. With poetic feelings of the picturesque sceneries, the city offers you a pleasant business trip with a satisfying meeting plan. So far, there has been a lot of MICE events from home and abroad being successfully held in Hangzhou, including the 56th annual meeting of World Golden Key Alliance, the 32nd PATA Travel Mart, the 5th International Conference on Management of Travel Destinations, the 28th World Airline Road Race and the 3rd Business Conference of China-Arab States Cooperation Forum.

5th International Conference on Management of Travel Destinations

The 5th International Conference on Management of Travel Destinations, themed by "Response to world economic recession: challenging the management of travel destinations", was held in Hangzhou on September 21, 2009. With more than 150 representatives from abroad, over 300 representatives from 50 different nations and regions had attended the conference. It was the first time to launch such a event in China, even in Asia.

32nd PATA Travel Mart & Council Meeting

The 32nd PATA Travel Mart and Council Meeting, co-sponsored by PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) and Hangzhou municipal government and undertaken by Hangzhou Tourism Commission, was successfully held in Hangzhou from September 22 to 28, 2009. Succeeding to Beijing, Hangzhou was the second city to hold PATA Travel Mart in Mainland China. The event was not only one of the top fairs undertaken by Hangzhou Tourism Commission, but also one of the most professional, influential and internationalized tourism industry exhibition in Asia-pacific in 2009.
28th World Airline Road Race (WARR) 2009
The World Airline Road Race (WARR) 2009, co-sponsored by WARR Executive Committee and Hangzhou municipal government, jointly undertaken by Hangzhou Tourism Commission, Hangzhou Sports Bureau and Administration Committee of West Lake Scenic Area, was held from September 10 to 14. The event had drawn more than 1,500 people from 48 airlines of 25 counties and over 600 had participated in the race. All the participants and their families enjoyed the World Expo Trip. Through the radiating power and influence of global airlines, the event was expected to promote the tourism industry of Hangzhou.
Other More International Conferences Successfully Held in Hangzhou

  • International Conference on Service Science (ICSS)2010
  • 5th International Conference on Management of Travel Destinations
  • 3rd Business Conference of China-Arab States Cooperation Forum
  • 10th International ARGO Science Team Conference
  • World Crafts Conference
  • 3rd Globalization Forum 2005
  • ANA West Lake Pedestrian Meeting 2007
  • Hangzhou International Sister City Mayors Conference 2008
  • International Sister City Mayors Summit 2010
  • 64th World Foundry Conference
  • 18th International Transmission & Coverage Seminar
  • 12th West Lake International Small & Medium Sized Enterprises Seminar
  • Leisure International Summit Forum 2010
  • Police & Technology International Forum 2010
  • 8th Hangzhou International Conference on Education Innovation

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