Lemantu - omnipotent clay DIY

Resin-clay has two different textures: one is cartoon molded, the other one is flower molded. Flower molded clay has white and green two colors. Cartoon molded clay has red, blue, yellow, black and white five colors.

Looking around Lemantu store, you can find plenty of interesting cartoon artware and beautiful flower handicraft works.

Super light clay is a new kind of environmental protection arts and crafts material that is non-poisonous, tasteless, non-irritating, flexible, beautiful in colors and easy to knead. Children can set their wit to create any art works. Adults also can enjoy childlike innocence in Lemantu.

All clays in Lemantu combine the advantages of pottery clay, paper clay, carved oil sludge and plasticine that can be combined with wood, sheet metal, paillette and glass. Products made of Ultra putty can be natural drying in 24-48 hours and still elastic, not disintegrate and reserved permanently.

To meet customers’ demands, Lemantu also make creative production of landscape and animations. You can find images of famous Hangzhou tourist attractions and even animated elements popular after the 1950s such as Pokonyan.

Address: No.15, Qiaoxi Zhi Street, Gongshu District, Hangzhou City

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