Classic Grand Canal tour

STOP1:Qiaoxi Historical Block– Lao Kai Xin Teahouse
In the early morning, breathe fresh air, walk into Qiaoxi Historical Block alongside Grand Canal, through lanes into national intangible cultural heritage site – Lao Kai Xin Teahouse. An explainer will tell you history and stories of the old residence. Sitting in the spacious old house, tasting Green Tea is a very pleasing and leisure experience.

Services: Dramatic performance of Travel Back Hundred Years (fixed time: 10:00 – 10:30), tea services, explanation of old residence, taking photo in costume.

STOP2:Hangzhou Workmanship Demonstration Pavilion
Leave Lao Kai Xin Teahouse, walk along the lane for 5 minutes and arrive at Hangzhou Workmanship Demonstration Pavilion. Visitors can experience interesting handcraft manufacture by ticket.

Services: visit Hangzhou Workmanship Demonstration Pavilion, experience interesting handcraft manufacture (arranged by the museum on the day).
STOP3:Grand Canal Caofang Boat
Get on board of Caofang Boat to Dadou Road Historical Block. All the way you can appreciate the charm of Grand Canal. An explainer will tell you more about the Grand Canal. Micro film of the attraction is available.

Services: Caofang Boat cruise (fixed time: 11:00 and 13:00), explanation.
STOP4:Sight of swords and ceramics
Hunt for delicacies in Dadou Road, once a prosperous street. Step into the sight of swords and ceramics, appreciate artistic celadon, listen to explanation, sit and taste a cup of cool tea if get tired. All these services are free by tickets. If you catch up with incense lore and tea ceremony performances at 13:30, you will gain more.

Services: incense lore, tea ceremony (fixed time: 13:30), celadon, Longquan sword explanation.
STOP5: Xiangji Temple
The next stop is Xiangji Temple which palys an important role in the communication of Buddhism. Located along Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Xiangji Temple is dated back to over 1,000 years ago. Here you can get three incenses.

Services: pay respect for Buddha, three incenses.
STOP6:Fuyi Granary, Yun He Academy
Leave Dadou Road and walk to the south for 10 minutes, then arrive at one of Grand Canal’s support point as a World Cultural Heritage – Fuyi Granary. Visit Yun He Academy and cultural Granary, have a cup of greeting tea, listen to explanation of ancient granary and water transport culture, and you may be amazed by ancient people’s wisdom.

Services: Fuyi Granary Explanation, Greeting tea.

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