Wensli Silk Museum-a journey to appreciate silk culture

Most people come to visit Hangzhou for the sake of West Lake and silk since Hangzhou owns beautiful sceneries as well as exquisite silk. Now Wensli Silk Museum became another hot destination for us to appreciate silk besides China National Silk Museum.

Wensli Silk Culture Museum is a native famous group in Hangzhou that is dedicated into building a largest silk industry center which is specialized in silk design, silk education and silk display in China.

This newly built museum is the first private silk culture museum certificated by West Lake Scenic Area and Hangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau. It is different from the common ones due to its application of multi-media to make visitors have a real experience. By adopting 4D interactive media technology to make the viewing of silk more vivid and alive, that will give a new experience to the visitor. You can scan the code beside each cultural relic and artifact to know the introduction of them; you will suffer endless fun in listening stories regardless of no personal explanations.

Emperor Qianlong’s imperial robe, the peacock feature fabric wear by Jia Baoyu, a character in the Dream of Red Mansion, the world first book about silk and the first silk printing platen is to be exhibited in Wensli Silk Culture Museum.

Visitors will have a feast of silk culture in this museum and are also welcomed to take part in numerous activities prepared by Wensli after visiting the museum such as how to wear silk, embroidery experience, exhibition of silk making and courses for entrepreneurial transformation. Supporting catering services will also be officially launched later.


Wensli Silk Culture Museum is the biggest private silk culture museum which has an area of over 1,700 square meters. There is a collection of more than 1,000 cultural relics of modern and contemporary period. Among which 400 modern cultural relics contain embroidery cloths of Qing and Ming dynasty, the other 600 contemporary cultural relics are from Wensli since its construction in 1975.

Add: Wensli Silk Culture Museum, No. 68 Tiancheng Road, Hangzhou

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