Tea Picking at Longjing Village

Activity: tea picking at Longjing Village
Address: Longjing Village, West Lake Scenic Area
Time: June  to October, if required, April and May can 
Number of Participants: 20 - 40
Duration: one hour and a half or so

The leader (the local tea picker) will give a presentation on how to pick tea in details, and the travelers take a free experience of picking tea (approximately 20 minutes). The contest will be held between the groups to show which group has a better performance. After picking, there is a special teaism (tea ceremony) show arranged in a drafted pavilion on the top of Longjing Hill. Travelers over there will have a happy time to enjoy the show and take photos.

After that, travelers will carry their picked tea to tea-making house, and the local tea makers give a judgment and select the champion of tea pickers. Afterwards, the tea makers give a live show to make the tea and introduce the standards of making tea as well as the nutrient value, and then the travelers will enjoy an amazing Taiji Teaism Performance and taste the West Lake Longjing Tea.
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