Peony Pavilion - Back to NO.1 mansion of Jiangnan in late Qing Dynasty

Activity: Dream in the Deserted Garden—— traveling back to NO.1 mansion of Jiangnan region in late Qing Dynasty
Site: Former Residence of Hu Xueyan, Hangzhou  
Details: The activity will be carried out in the evening within the dream-like light of hundreds of red wood lanterns. When the evening falls, the guide will show you around the mansion. In the idle manners, you may measure the century-old house by your feet.
When the streetlamps are on, among the distinguished guests sitting together, you will take a sip of tea or liquor and have a banquet of the family with your picky taste. In the moonlight, you can hang out in the gardens of the Yangtze Delta immersing in the spring air, listen to the soft and watery tune of Kunqu Opera, and feel the past time in the pavilions and pagodas with your sensitive soul. Vaguely conscious, you slide into a world with the lingering opera.

Organizer: Former Residence of Hu Xueyan, Hangzhou
Contact person: Zhu Li




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