Learn to cook Hangzhou Dishes

Activity – Cook Hangzhou Cuisine
Site – residence of local people or some professional cooking school
Organizer – Zhejiang Joinday Travel Co., Ltd
Operator – Jiang Peizhen
Contact - 0571-28058791 13185016822
Highlights – learn about the eating custom of Hangzhou people, and to promote a type of healthy lifestyle


Hangzhou is a famous city of history and culture, and its culture of cuisine is a part of it.

In the morning, travelers will go to the designated residences of local people or the cuisine cooking school to learn cuisine making after visiting the West Lake. The teachers will show live how to cook the local cuisine, and then the travelers will be guided to cook cuisine by themselves. It is a great way to learn the great history of each dish and understand the tradition of the city. It is a aspect to reveal the characteristics of Hangzhou – harmonious, generous and open-minded .


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