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With fully-equipped exhibition venues and supporting facilities, professional service team for exhibition and abundant experience of organizing exhibitions, Hangzhou is the leader among China cities hosting conferences and exhibitions. The West Lake Expo held in 1929 poineered the convention and exhibition industry in China and labelled Hangzhou the exhibition city. Future World Leisure EXPOs are to be permanently staged in Hangzhou every five years beginning in 2006. More and more conventions and exhibitions of various industries are to be placed in Hangzhou, in the hope of developing business opportunities and making accomplishment.

The following internationally known conventions and exhibitions are to be held in Hangzhou regularly:

The West Lake International Expo Hangzhou China

The Hangzhou West Lake Expo started in 1929. Since it was resumed in 2000, it has been successfully staged for eight consecutive times. The Expo gives prominence to the aim for "a platform for developing the convention and exhibition industry, a carrier of cultural and ideological progress, and a festival for the ordinary people and the tourists from home and abroad", sticks to the goal of "people first, thrift, virtue and safety", thus playing the role as a platform, leader and incubator for developing the convention and exhibition industry.

China International Cartoon & Animation Festival

China International Cartoon and Animation Festival (CICAF) is China’s largest cartoon and animation event and has been held annually in Hangzhou since 2004. CICAF comes in four major parts – exhibitions, activities, forums and competitions. Monkey King Award made its debut in 2008 as one of the highlights of the festival. Supported by the government, the corporate world and the academic circle, it has become the most influential competition in the cartoon and animation scene of China.

World Leisure Expo Hangzhou China

The 2006 Hangzhou World Leisure EXPO has been successfully staged in Hangzhou. Hangzhou Municipal Government (HMG) and World Leisure Organization (WLO) have jointly created the brand “the World Leisure EXPO”, whose purpose is to publicize advanced leisure concepts, services and products that promote best leisure professional practices. Future World Leisure EXPOs are to be permanently staged in Hangzhou every five years beginning in 2006. Within 6 months of the conclusion of each EXPO, WLO and HMG will review the previous EXPO and consider the merits and content of the next EXPO. Independent experts will be invited to assist with this review.

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